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Play Installation

Typographic sculpture in a downtown skate park (with Caitlyn Sit).

Ideation / Prototype / Installation

Choosing a Site


Wandering downtown Providence, we were drawn to a black portal-like structure in a quiet park called Adrian Hall Way.



Ideas for Activation


Tactile Approach: Cover poles in fantastical materials; vary by day.


Poetic Approach: Hang wind chimes from the skeletal structure to activate the barren space with swaying poetry.


Adapting Our Approach


Shortly after we chose the site, the park underwent construction and skate ramps were built over the stairs.


The revamped skate park became a vibrant urban space, so we decided to target the skaters as our main audience instead of passersby.



Prototype to Park


We hoped to engage the skaters with bold, blocky letterforms that could be rearranged. The choice of hot pink was inspired by graffiti found onsite.





As soon as we arrived onsite with the giant pink letters in tow, the skaters were immediately curious. They helped set up with enthusiasm but were concerned about damaging our piece. After some reassurance, they got creative with building configurations:


Wandering downtown Providence, we found a portal-like structure standing in a quiet park. Our approach to designing an intervention there shifted after newly-built skate ramps revived the street corner into a popular hangout. The final installation embraced this change and served as a vibrant invitation to the local community.

Shown at AIGA's SeeHer Exhibition, 2016
Featured in The Providence Journal