Copy of Touch Me

Touch Me Museum App

An app that allows visitors to touch the art through virtual sensory play (with Ruth Lin).

Final Design / User / Wireflow / Identity / Iterations



Make the museum a more playful space.

Make art-viewing interactive through sound.

Spark interaction between museum visitors.


Final Design









The final logo mimics the shape of fingers, suggesting how the app enables users to interact with art through touch.

Previous iterations referenced sound generation and tactility in the form of sound waves, fingerprints, grip marks etc.

The bold red is associated with prohibited signs like ‘No Touching,’ which the app aims to subvert.


Usability Iterations

More Considerations


Under Settings users can customize distance units + suggest artworks.

Museums can host events to gather people together for a more rewarding PLAY experience.

What would PLAY MODE look like for 3D works? Currently works best for 2D + abstract since the sound output is less predictable.



Touch Me dispels the sober atmosphere of art museums by allowing visitors to interact with the artwork. The lines in a Sol LeWitt wall drawing become the strings of a virtual instrument. A Sargent painting of girls sleeping on a lawn comes alive with the sounds of a dog sniffing through the grass, a breeze ruffling her dress...

Playing alongside other visitors enhances the soundscape and encourages interaction among users. The sensory experience varies by painting, and can only be unlocked by physically visiting the work, encouraging people to return and play at participating museums.

Credit: Map icon by Gregor Cresnar from The Noun Project